How to Apply

STEP 1 (August)

Once you have obtained your exam results and accepted your place at Loughbrough University please contact us for a MCCU Application form.

Alternatively you can, complete the MCC Universities Application Form via the MCC Universities website. This will then be forwarded to Loughborough MCCU.


STEP 2 (August)
   Once you have either completed the MCCU Application form electronically(via MCC website)
   or returned it, you will be sent an email within 2 weeks from Loughborough acknowledging
   your interest in applying for a place on the MCCU. With the acknowledgement you will
   receive a MCCU TRIAL Application form which you will need to send back with one 
   passport photo.


STEP 3 (August- October)
   Once you have returned your MCCU TRIAL Application form with your passport photo you will
   be sent an email within 2 weeks with details of the MCCU Trials. After the trial process the  
   Coach will determine which players will be offered a place on the scheme.

   The assessment process normally consists of 4 trials which normally takes place within the
   first 1-2 weeks of Term.