Women's Cricket At Loughborough

    Women’s cricket is designed to be catered for at all 
    MCCUs, however at Loughborough we have prioritised 
    the development of a significant programme geared
    specifically for high standard female players. Graham
    Dilley the Loughborough Head Coach is a former 
    coach to the England Women’s team and takes a
    particular interest in the development of young
    players. The Loughborough sports campus is also 
    committed to redressing the imbalance of attention
    often associated with women’s sport.

    Full membership of the Loughborough MCCU is open
    to those girls who are highly committed to cricket, and
    typically will have already played England
    representative cricket at some level, or women’s
    senior County Cricket. We also pay attention to the
    development of talented young players who may not
    yet have reached this level, but who will benefit being a
    part of Loughborough's development programme.

There are currently two England representative players and eight female county players in the Loughborough MCCU, who enjoy the same individualised programmes as the male MCCU players. The programme consists of group and one-to-one coaching, specialised individual training programmes and access to a full range of support services such as Vision Testing, Physiotherapy,Nutritionists and Psychologists. This is a ‘hot house’ for nurturing some of the most talented young players in the country who are maximising their educational potential as well as seeking to progress to the top in women’s cricket.
In the interests of assisting the development of the women’s game more generally, we recognise that some talented female cricketers have other winter sport interests and cannot commit to the MCCU full time. For these players we offer group coaching as a small discrete squad, but without the additional daily commitment to some aspect of their cricket development that the full MCCU members are involved in.

  The best female players of both types come together to
  represent the Loughborough MCCU women’s team, playing a
  range of fixtures against representative sides, county
  development squads, The MCC and other leading club sides. It
  is a friendly but competitive squad process, and an ideal 
  environment for girls wanting to develop their game further.
  Below this level Loughborough offers opportunities to
  practise and play for those with a more recreational approach
  to the game, who all enjoy a thriving and successful Club.

Enquiries about Women’s Cricket at Loughborough can be made to either Women's Head Coach - Katherine Brunt or Cricket Performance Manger - Salliann Briggs(see staff contact details). We will also be pleased to put enquirers in touch with female members of the MCCU to talk about the ‘Loughborough experience’.