Who are the MCCUs aimed at?

MCCUs are designed to benefit:

  • Male Cricketers with the potential to play First Class Cricket. In some cases, applicants may have already played at County 1st team level, County Under19 and County 2nd XI representation by the time they reach University. Although a representative background is more favourable, the MCCU is open to any cricketer who has followed the correct 'How to apply' steps. 
  • Female Cricketers of County, Regional or England standard.

Applicants should note that these are Centres of Excellence and only the very best young cricketers, who have the potential and commitment to develop and progress into County Cricket, are considered. However, those good young cricketers immediately below this standard may also benefit from attendance at Institutions where there are MCCUs, since the facilities for Cricket and the coaching will invariably be far better than other academic institutions. At Loughborough for example, we carefully watch the development of players in the University squad immediately below the MCCU team, which also benefits from the same coaches (but a less intensive programme), in order to ensure that emerging or late developing talent is recognised and encouraged. At Loughborough, this ‘reserve’ squad plays at the level of other University 1st XIs and benefits from the excellent facilities and support services, as well as coaching.

Lauren Winfield, Loughborough MCCU and Yorkshire CCC 1st XI
Who is it for?

Rob Taylor, Loughborough MCCU and Leicestershire CCC 1st XI