What is a MCCU ?

The MCC is in partnership with leading academic institutions such as Loughborough University and has implemented the MCCU scheme to ensure that the best young cricketers are encouraged to go into Higher Education by providing them with the best possible opportunities to develop their Cricket while at University.
In other words, good young players capable of progressing into the County game, no longer have to chose between Cricket and Education. At the MCCUs you can do both – without negatively affecting your chances of breaking into County Cricket. The best MCCUs are designed to compliment National Academies, and in many ways the MCCU programme mirrors that of young professionals – but offers the additional opportunity to fulfil young people’s educational potential and provide them with qualifications for later life.
Through the MCCU scheme (which is supported by County Clubs, the 1st Class Forum, and the Professional Cricketers Association), talented and ambitious young cricketers, both male and female, will find the ideal academic course at one of a number of academic institutions involved in the six University-based Centres of Excellence. This enables them to take advantage of excellent education, but also of top class coaching with some of the best coaches in the country, and a talent development programme initiated by ECB in consultation with the MCCUs.
The Loughborough Centre, for example, has already assisted in the development of England and National Academy cricketers such as Chris Read (Notts CCC), Monty Panesar (Northants), and most recently Chris Nash (Sussex) and David Wainwright (Yorks) as well as many other young players who are making an impact on the 1st Class County game, such as John Francis, Chris Benham and Jimmy Adams (Hampshire); Mark Powell, David Wigley and Rob White (Northants); Matthew Spriegel and Arun Harinath (Surrey) and Steve Selwood and Paul Borrington (Derbyshire). Loughborough MCCU also plays a huge part in developing women's cricket, there are a number of graduates and current students representing the England Women's side, such as Nicky Shaw, Lydia Greenway, Laura Harper, Laura Marsh and Tammy Beaumont.

       Paul Borrington
     Arun Harinath
           Matt Spriegel
     Nicky Shaw
      (Surrey & England)

                                     Photography:Nigel Farrow (www.nigelfarrow.com)      
These are all Loughborough Students who have combined their degree level studies with the ‘development of excellence’ MCC programme at Loughborough University.