The Loughborough MCCU programme is similar to County Academy structures and is arguably one of the best in the country for developing potential first class cricketers. The programme consists of:

  Physio Screenings                                                                                       October/November 
  • All players are put through 3 physical screenings (oct/Dec/january). From the screening results and your own role requirements, each player will be given an individualised weight training programme that they must follow throughout the year.
  Strength & Conditioning Programme                                                               November-June
  • Weight Training with a specialist S&C Coach (twice a week)
  • SAQ training
  • Speed Endurance training
  • Pool Recovery/stretching sessions
  • Pre-hab/re-hab
  • Remedial fitness sessions
  Workshops                                                                                                           October-June
  • Specialist Nutrition and Psychology workshops are provided for all MCCU members. One to one sessions are also available throughout the year.
  • There are also a number of other workshops available, including lifestyle and time management, awareness of drug doping and supplements, learning support such as MyersBriggs and vision testing.
  Small Group Cricket Sessions                                                                          December-June
  • Small group sessions start just before Christmas. Each session takes place in the National Cricket Performance Centre (NCPC) on Wednesday afternoons. There are also opportunties to carry out small group sessions in the week if the NCPC is available.
  One to One Sessions                                                                                           January-April
  • From the beginning of semester 2 each player will have access to a one to one coaching session each week untill pre-season. Each one to one is filmed and analysed using Quintic, this footage is then given to each player to help reflect and review each session.
  Pre - Season                                                                                                           March-April
  • Whilst every other student goes home for Easter all MCCU members are required to stay for pre-season. Pre-season consist of numerous friendlies including local First Class Counties as well as a vigorous training programme, fully preparing each squad member for the season.
  Fixtures                                                                                                                     April-June
  • The MCCU fixture Calender is packed full of highly competitve cricket:- 
    • Men's 
      • 3 First Class 3-day games
      • MCC 2-day Championship
      • MCC Twenty20 Championship
      • BUCS One day Championship
      • First Class Friendlies
      • MCC Friendlies
    • Women's
      • BUCS One day Competition
      • MCC Friendlies
      • Best of the rest (Nursery ground at Lords)
      • England Academy Friendlies