Key Benefits of the MCCU Scheme

Every year, half of the Country’s 18 year olds will seek to enter Higher Education (and many from the England Under 17 squads, both male and female, wish to go to University). Increasingly, by not going to University talented young sports people will disadvantage themselves significantly in later life by not obtaining advanced level qualifications which are increasingly common.
With this fact in mind, it is imperative that Cricketers who wish to go onto Higher Education are given the facilities to develop their talent whilst completing their education.
The MCC has recognised its responsibility to look after the best interests of existing and future cricketers, and has invested resources in a number of ‘focus’ University Centres where there was invariably already a substantial investment in Cricket and talent development. The scheme gives talented young cricketers, both male and female, the best of both worlds – an excellent cricket development programme to enable them to fulfil their cricketing ambitions, and greater security through improved career opportunities outside of the game.

Loughborough UCCE v Nottinghamshire 2002 Sports Science Laboratories
Loughborough MCCU 2011 Sports Science Laboratories